Chat Rules

Please don’t let this page scare you! It’s more than likely that you will not encounter any issues, just be polite and keep our rules in mind.


  • Only 16+ years of age (for liability reasons)
  • Please be respectful of all users – this is an open and safe environment.
  • No discrimination (including, race, sexuality, or anything else)
  • Keep religious and political talk to our off topic channel
  • Please ask permissions before private messaging.

Problems in Chat

If you have ANY issues please be sure to speak to any of our moderators in chat, they can be identified by a “+” or “@” before their name: <@Operator> or  <+Moderator>. These members may be private messaged for any private issues that need to be discussed.

Consequence Policy

We have zero tolerance for any sort of harassment or discrimination. Any anti-gay, anti-race, anti-sex, etc comments will not tolerated.

We have a 3 strike rule with a 24 hour ban following those strikes. If issues persist, the ban will increase or become permanent.  To repeal a ban, please message Serubin in our chat window using /msg Serubin <your message>.

We are not quick to ban, that being said, if you break any of our rules we will be quick to bring the issue up – we are very serious about maintaining a safe community and safe environment.